English, Spanish, History Tutoring

Proper reading and writing skills are an imperative part of education. A students academic career depends on their ability to interpret written information. In order to reach the collegiate level, students must master spelling and grammar, as well as sophisticated writing techniques and advanced reading comprehension. At Ahead of the Curve Tutoring we take English tutoring seriously. Our tutors work with students at all different levels from elementary school grammar to advanced college essay writing, insuring they get the most out of their education. Foreign languages are also an important part of a students road to a university. Most colleges require a foreign language be taken in high school in order to obtain acceptance. Learning a new language is a troublesome task for many students, and demands hours of practice. We hire only the most talented language tutors to develop your child’s fluency and confidence. With our personal, one on one tutoring, your child is in a classroom of one, and is given undivided attention. We offer tutoring in the following subjects: Elementary Reading and Writing, Language Arts, English I, English II, English III, English IV, AP English, History, all levels of Spanish, and a variety of college courses such as English Literature. Contact us┬áto get started.

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