Prepared for the June 4th SAT Test?

June 4th SAT

Is your child prepared for the June 4th SAT test date? There is still time before this final test of the 2015-2016 school year, and it will be the third time the new version of the SAT is administered.  Ahead of the Curve Tutoring is offering special rates on SAT Prep Packages for the students taking the exam on June 4th.

Special Rates

To get prepared for the June 4th SAT test, we are offering $50-$7 5 off our crash course packages. These each range from 6 to 8 hours, and include one-on-one personal mentoring. Tutors start with the areas a student needs to improve the most based on previous test scores or PSAT scores. At each meeting there will be practice and review, trying to cover as much material as possible within the time frame.  This extra help just before the exam is exactly what a student needs to give them that extra edge. Ahead of the Curve Tutoring wants to make sure students are getting the last minute help they need.  That’s why we want to offer this $50-$75 off your SAT Tutoring Package.

 How to Get Started

To get more information or to take advantage for the Special Rates, simply email us at Mention Special Rates for your discount. Please provide us with what area of San Diego you are located in, and any previous SAT or PSAT test scores. We will be in contact with you within 24 hours. There is still time to get prepared for the June 4th SAT test, so lets get learning!

 Helpful Links and Resources

For more information on SAT test dates and registration deadlines please click HERE

For SAT practice problems please click HERE

For any other tutoring needs please email us at

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