Integrated Math Tutoring in San Diego

The New Integrated Math

Ahead of the Curve Tutoring offers integrated math tutoring in San Diego for students of all levels. Recently, the mathematical curriculum was drastically changed. Students used to follow the standard pre-algebra, algebra I, geometry, algebra II path through high school. Now each subject is integrated into courses called Math 1,  Math 2, Math 3 and so forth. Now students learn the basics of all areas of math at once, no longer separating algebra from geometry. This way the learning is continuous, but it poses new challenges for students.

Getting to Calculus

The new Integrated Math structure still allows students to reach calculus, but in a new way. Currently, students will take Integrate Math 1 freshman year, Intergrated Math 2 sophomore year, Integrated Math 3 junior year, then Trig/Pre-Calc senior year. But where is Calculus? In order to take the class that is very important to take for acceptance to competitive colleges, students must now test out of a class and skip it. The first opportunity comes after 8th grade before starting high school. Students will be given the opportunity to take an accelerated assessment test to skip Integrated Math 1 and go straight to Integrated Math 2. There is one other opportunity to take the accelerated assessment test at the end of Integrated Math 3, allowing students to skip Pre-Calculus and move right into Calculus. This skip is a bit more challenging, but allows students another shot at Calculus before college.

Tutoring Services

Our tutors are experts of all areas of mathematics, not only specializing in one particular class. This way we can insure that our tutors deliver the best integrated math tutoring in San Diego. We look for tutors who do not just tutored algebra but also geometry, statistics, and calculus. These are the types of tutors necessary for success in integrated math classes. It is important for students to get the help they need and not to fall behind. Now each math course builds upon the previous one, so good understanding is imperative.  Our tutors can help your child get a head start and pass the accelerated assessment allowing them to take Calculus in high school. This is highly recommended by the leading universities in the nation, but can be a real struggle for many students. Let Ahead of the Curve Tutoring help your child reach their full potential.

How You Can Help Your Child

If your child is struggling in their integrated math course, or just needs a little help to better understand the topics, or wants to get into a competitive university and wants to reach Calculus, please email us today and we will be happy to get your child setup with the right tutor. We are offering back to school special rates from now until September 21st for new and returning students.  Contact us Here or email

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