Fraction Tips For Everyday Math

Don’t Worry Fractions Are Friendly


Many students seem to be intimidated whenever fractions are involved. The fractions tend to scare them off before they even begin. The trick is to really remember that fractions are just a number and nothing more. There are a few helpful math fraction tips and rules to remember when solving problems that contain fractions.


1. In order to add fractions, their denominators must be equal.

example: 1/2 + 1/3

(3/3) * 1/2 +(2/2) * 1/3     we find the common denominator is 6

3/6 + 2/6                                 now both fractions can be added

= 5/6                                        we obtain the final answer

2. When multiplying fractions it is helpful to cancel like terms and factor      whenever possible.

 example: (2x^3)/10  *  5/(4x)

( x^2/10) * (5/2)    the 2x^3 canceled with the 4x

(x^2/2) * (1/2)       5 is a factor of both 5 and 10

(x^2/4)                    finally we multiple the simple remaining equations

3. When trying to solve for a variable where two fractions are set equal to each other, you can cross multiply as a short cut.

example: (3x/5)=(6/10)

30x = 30               we cross multiply to obtain the equation

x=30/30             we divide by 30 to get x be itself

x=1                       we obtain the solution

4. Dividing a number by a fraction is the same as multiplying by its reciprocal.

example:  3/2 ÷ 1/4

3/2 × 4/1       dividing by 1/4 is the same as multiplying by 4/1 or 4.

12/2                we multiply across top and bottom

6                      we obtain the final answer.


Remembering these simple  fractions tips will make them all that much easier to handle. The student needs to understand there is nothing scary about fractions at all. These are just a  few simple rules to follow. There is still more fraction tips to come. If you want to practice your fraction skills and need to check your work here is an online fraction calculator Keep learning!

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