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Math Tutoring

One of the most important subjects, and also one of the most difficult, is math. Because  everyone uses basic math skills on a daily basis, it is imperative for students to have a strong  mathematical foundation in order to succeed in their future. Mathematics builds on itself, and the level of difficulty increases steadily throughout a student's career. It is also a strongly weighted factor in the college admission process. Ahead of the Curve Tutoring is here to guide your child through the process, by offering the best math tutoring for your child in San Diego. Our tutors have all excelled in mathematics and are masters of the subject. This allows them to simplify the concepts for the student, making it easier for them to understand and achieve higher grades. Our tutors know that math can be a challenging course, and they are skilled at breaking down these concepts based on each individual students needs. We offer tutoring for all levels of math including: Elementary Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I & II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Statistics, all AP math, and many other advanced college courses such as Differential Equations and Vector Calculus. Contact us to get started.

Science Tutoring

The second most difficult area of study for the majority of students is science. Most courses contain large amounts of information and facts that need to be fully understood and memorized. Science is a crucial subject because it teaches students what the world around them is comprised of and how it all functions together. Trying to understand these concepts, as well as retaining this knowledge, can be a challenge for students.  Science tests can also be demanding and elaborate, requiring a good deal of preparation and hard work. Our science tutoring will provide your child with one-on-one, personal attention, giving them the extra edge they need. They have all attained a degree in a scientific major or are in the middle of doing so.  By working at the student's own pace and skill level our tutors will develop a teaching method that fits each student's individual needs. At Ahead of the Curve Tutoring we will make sure students are well prepared for their tests, and confident in the subject. We cover all the scientific courses including, Life Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Physiology, Physics, all AP classes, and many college courses such as Organic Chemistry and Micro-Biology. Contact us to get started.

English, Spanish, History Tutoring

Proper reading and writing skills are an imperative part of education. A students academic career depends on their ability to interpret written information. In order to reach the collegiate level, students must master spelling and grammar, as well as sophisticated writing techniques and advanced reading comprehension. At Ahead of the Curve Tutoring we take English tutoring seriously. Our tutors work with students at all different levels from elementary school grammar to advanced college essay writing, insuring they get the most out of their education. Foreign languages are also an important part of a students road to a university. Most colleges require a foreign language be taken in high school in order to obtain acceptance. Learning a new language is a troublesome task for many students, and demands hours of practice. We hire only the most talented language tutors to develop your child's fluency and confidence. With our personal, one on one tutoring, your child is in a classroom of one, and is given undivided attention. We offer tutoring in the following subjects: Elementary Reading and Writing, Language Arts, English I, English II, English III, English IV, AP English, History, all levels of Spanish, and a variety of college courses such as English Literature. Contact us to get started.

SAT & ACT Tutoring

The SAT and ACT tests are two deciding factors in the college admission process. The SAT assesses a student’s ability to analyze and solve problems. The ACT focuses more on a students overall educational development. Both are used to determine whether or not a student will be successful handling college level work. Good scores are needed on these tests in order to insure acceptance to a college or university. Some colleges require one or the other, while others let the student choose which test they want to take. These standardized tests are not like any tests taken in high school. There are unique test taking skills that can improve scores. Time management is also very important during these long exams. It is crucial that students prepare well in advance by studying and taking practice tests. The more practice your child has, the more prepared he or she will be. Ahead of the Curve Tutoring offers one-on-one SAT and ACT tutoring that will make sure your child is ready for the exam. We will provide your child with the official study guidebook, filled with detailed explanation sections and multiple practice tests. Our tutors will explain each section and determine what areas need improvement. Your child will be assigned practice work, as well as practice tests, which our tutors will analyze to track the student’s progression and keep them on track. With our tutoring curriculum your child's scores will be raised. Contact us to get started.
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What Our Clients are Saying...

Ahead of the Curve Tutoring has done an excellent job tutoring my daughter, Jordan, and has drastically improved her grade in math and built up her confidence in the class. They provided our family with a talented educator that my daughter enjoys working with and feels comfortable talking to. Our tutor is always on time and has been able to accommodate our busy schedule. We receive weekly progress updates and constantly see outstanding results. Ahead Of The Curve Tutoring is our choice for a San Diego tutoring service.
tutoring-san-diego Daren Haas Proud Parent
My eldest daughter was struggling throughout high school. We had already tried a couple tutoring companies, but my daughter did not enjoy working with them and was unable to raise her grades. Finally we found Ahead Of The Curve Tutoring, and couldn't have been more thrilled. Her grades shot back up, and now she is attending San Diego State University. When my youngest daughter starting having problems in her math and science courses, we contacted Ahead Of The Curve Tutoring right away and requested the same tutor.
San-Diego-tutoring-services Sheri Meksto Proud Parent
When my eldest daughter, who is now at college, starting struggling in school with her English and Math classes, I started looking for a tutoring service. I heard about Ahead of the Curve Tutoring through a another mother, who said they were the best company to work with in San Diego. Our tutor, Michelle, did an incredible job teaching my daughter the subjects and also teaching her better studying skills, which drastically raised her grades. More importantly she connected with my daughter and was able to motivate her to work harder. She became more than a tutor, but also a mentor and someone my daughter felt comfortable opening up to. When my younger daughter entered high school, we decided there was no one better to work with then Ahead of the Curve Tutoring. We have had such a positive experience with their tutors, and plan on our youngest son being tutored by them as well.
Ayelet Gneezy Ayelet Gneezy Assistant Professor of Marketing UCSD and proud parent
When I started struggling in my chemistry and physiology courses in college, I decided I needed to find a tutor. I heard about Ahead of the Curve Tutoring from a friend of mine, and started working with one of their tutors twice a week. My understanding of the material improved very quickly, and my grades began to rise. My tutor was able to teach me how to handle memorizing large amounts of information at a time. She also broke down the difficult concepts to a point where I was able to fully grasp their meaning and purpose. Ahead of the Curve Tutoring helped me obtain the grades and retain the knowledge I needed in order to achieve my goals. I am now a trauma nurse at the UCSD Medical Center here in San Diego.
2013-03-22_15-16-32_188 Jennie Lareau Trauma Nurse UCSD
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Tutoring FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions Here are the answers to some our most frequently asked questions. If you need any other information, we encourage you to call us as 818-219-8003 or email us at Michelle@AheadoftheCurveTutoring. How do I get started? To get started simply fill out the contact information under the contact us section, or give us a call at 818-219-8003. As [...]

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